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General Bankruptcy Information
Links to Help Prepare Your Bankruptcy Schedules
Chpt 13 – After Your Bankruptcy is Filed
Misc Info / Bankruptcy Packet

General Bankruptcy Information

Bankruptcy Law Network – Bankruptcy blog provided by a group of bankruptcy attorneys.

Bankruptcy Court located in Oklahoma City – Western District of Oklahoma.

Bankruptcy Information Sheet – Information from the US Trustee explaining basic bankruptcy information.

Bankruptcy Basics. A download from the US Courts.

Online Legal Dictionary.

Links To Help Prepare Your Bankruptcy Schedules

Access Counseling Inc. – Log in to take your mandatory consumer credit counseling course that is needed before you can file your bankruptcy, and your debtor education course needed after the bankruptcy is filed.

Credit Report – Receive one free report yearly from the three credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Transunion and Experian. Download two and save one credit report to download about three months after your discharge to make sure that your debts are now showing as discharged through bankruptcy.

MERS Servicer Identification – find out the loan servicer for your mortgage company.

County Clerk Public Land Records – if your County is listed, find out when mortgages and tax liens were put on your property (doesn’t show judgments, use OSCN and ODCR for finding out judgments that may be against your real estate).

OSCN – The Oklahoma Supreme Court Network – Check Oklahoma court dockets for lawsuits. (Only certain counties are available, if yours is not listed then use the ODCR link).

ODCR – On Demand Court Records – Check court dockets for lawsuits – this link has counties that are not in the OSCN link.

Social Security Forms – Request a copy of your benefit statement, SSA-1099. Also get a replacement card if you have lost yours.

Home Values – Look up information on your home.

Comanche County Treasurer – Comanche County property tax records.

Caddo County Tax Rolls – Caddo County property tax records.

Stephens County Tax Rolls – Stephens County property tax records.

Jackson County Tax Rolls – Jackson County property tax records.

Oklahoma Tax Commission – Form to request copy of tax return from the OTC.

IRS Transcript – How to receive a copy of your tax account transcript if you do not have copies of your federal tax returns. If you prefer to visit in person, see next link for office locations.

IRS – Local office information – contains information such as the address, phone number, dates and times open of your local IRS office. The IRS no longer accepts walk ins, it is by appointment only!

NADA – The bluebook values for vehicles.

DFAS MyPay – Online information about your military pay and benefits.

Switchboard – Look up creditor addresses.

Online Payday Loans – Contact info for hard-to-reach payday loan sites.

Chex Systems Credit Report – The report that banks use on your account, listing any insufficient checks, ATM overdrafts, etc – one yearly free report.

Chpt 13 – After Your Bankruptcy is Filed

National Data Center (Chpt 13 Site) – Chpt 13 bankruptcy filers can create an account to view their case information with the Chapter 13 Office.

How to Send In Payments to the Chapter 13 Trustee:

By Mail: For our clients (Western District of Oklahoma) mail a cashier’s check or money order (no cash or personal checks) with your name and case number on it to:
John T. Hardeman, Trustee
PO Box 613309
Memphis, TN 38101-3309

Automated Online: Visit TFSBillPay to set up an automated payment from your bank account to the Chapter 13 Trustee (note that it takes up to 5 business days for the payment to be received – plan accordingly).

By Wage Deduction: Call us to set it up for you.

Misc Info / Bankruptcy Packet

Bullzip PDF Printer (free!) – download this free pdf printer that will allow you to “print” your documents to a pdf format and allow you to provide them to us to prepare your bankruptcy. We cannot view your documents through links that you send us – instead use a pdf printer to print your document (bank account statement, bill, etc).

Yearly calendar – use this to figure out when the prior six months are for paystubs that are needed for the means test, or any other use.

Need a bankruptcy packet to complete? Have you lost your bankruptcy packet or need extra pages? Contact us and request a pdf of the packet be emailed to you.